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William O
Great Alternative

This is a great alternative to a full weather meter like Kestrel. It has served me well, although I am not an avid long-distance shooter.

Awesomeness in a small package...

My experience started off a little rough with the first unit as the compass wouldn't calibrate. After going through the troubleshooting I got ahold of customer service and the helpful representative there ended up sending me a replacement which is operating perfectly. I'm used to Strelok Pro, but now I'm using the suggested GeoBallistics Pro and it's working out fine too. Strelok has/had the WeatherFlow WeatherMeter as an option so I searched for it and here was are. Compared to the cost of a Kestrel I saved bank and this Precision Shooting version is the bomb.

Great meter

I found the tempest too be a great meter . Not only does it give wind speed but it also gives wind direction , temperature, wind chill , heat index , dew point , elevation , humidity and numerous other readings .
I found this too be the most comprehensive meter for the price .

Paatt Morris
Weather Meter Paired with BallisticArc App

Overll. I have to say that I am happy with the WeatherMeter. My only issue so far has been the compass heading for the wind. It seems to be 180 degrees out of sequence. I've gotten around that issue so far by ensuring that my phone is oriented correctly with the wind direction and then simply changing the direction manually. Everything else is fairly accurate as near as I can tell. You need to be aware that wind velocity is an average over the period sampled. In BallisticArc, your wind chart will be based on the speed entered. Keep that in mind for wind calls. I like the Density Altitude feature. If you go from Houston, TX to Raton, NM, there will definitely be a change in elevation for the same yardage.
Overall, I would recommend this product.

Hi there! Our support team is standing by to help resolve the compass issue:

L Belmont
Absolutely perfect option

This Weatherflow paired with the Strelock Pro app - Tot $120 - is (IMHO) the best available option when compared to a $600+ kestrel.

So a small, portable, very accurate, long lasting battery and utterly affordable weather meter paired with a fast, simple, intuitive and upgradable app are the perfect option for my PRS shooting adventures.
When you go from one stage to the next, at the PRS match and you are the first to shoot a difficult course of fire. I have found this pairing to be unbeatable. The still delivers accurate enough transonic shooting solutions (which is reportedly the weakness vs. the Kestrel).

For me, the Weaytherflow PS Meter is an absolute time saver and to some, when using the primarily the Kestrel, a very inexpensive backup!!!