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Super easy install! took less than 5 minutes

Super easy install! It took less than 5 minutes after watching a YouTube video that told me everything I needed to have handy to get it working. The hardest part was to identify a spot on my fence that could receive the mount. I will put up a proper post in the summer, but the corner of the gate hinge will do for now. I rarely use the gate anyway.


For years I have used DAVIS instruments weather stations. I am glad I made the change to Tempest.
This Hub Power Bank was a great addition.

S. Tracy
Re: Missing Some Details

Weatherflow promptly provided a response and link to the basic user information of my first post so I have raised my rating to four stars.

My other “two complaints” are better characterized as nits.

Hub Power Bank -- a worthwhile investment

I purchased the Tempest Hub Power Bank (WF-TWSPBM6) just a few months ago back in April. I have 3 WeatherFlow stations connected to it. Shortly after I installed it. . .a short-duration power outage occurred. When the power (Wi-Fi) returned. . .the HPB back filled the data. A Serious (16h45m) Power Outage occurred early Saturday morning on the 10 of July from a Bow Echo line of Severe Thunderstorms that raced thru eastern Nebraska. The HPB kept all 3 of the Hubs active. . .but because power was lost (including the Wi-Fi access point). . .the data was not released by the Hubs until power was restored. The WF Hub Power Bank collected all of the data during that entire outage then released it after power was restored. Bottom line: If I didn't have all 3 of my Hubs connected to the HPB. . .all data Would Have Been Lost. The HPB properly Back Filled and nothing was lost. I HIGHLY recommend that WeatherFlow Tempest users invest in a Hub Power Bank. You'll be glad you did!

Carol W.
More than an afterthought

This thing is sleek! Great if your home is prone to power outages like we are in the desert.