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To many malfunctions with this pro unit could not rectify the errors they refunded the order with no issues after trying many times with me to get it going even sent new modem out to see if that would work unfortunately it did not I got full refund and will purchase again in the future my other tempest is still working great was looking to upgrade to the pro one but will wait for now

Duxbury Yacht Club
Provides us with real-time weather observations

We use TempestOne Essential for both club operations and for use by individual members. We enjoy access to the TempestOne Ops Console and participating members get access to the same data through their sailing app.

Matthew Burns
Clemson Tempest Network

We (Clemson University) worked withTempest to install their stations in areas around South Carolina that didn't have weather monitoring sensors. We've installed at least one Tempest station in all 46 counties across the state of South Carolina (though some counties have more than one). Helps limit gaps in weather data for our state's farmers and small fruit growers, who can use the data to help plan and prepare for weather but also helps confirm if you met drought status and how long you were there, for insurance purposes.

Bob Baron

Over the years, we have developed many radar strategies that give us a lot of information about what's happening in the atmosphere. Still, we have very little instrumentation that tells us what's happening at the surface of the earth. That’s where Tempest comes in. TempestOne weather stations are a vital part of our Community Weather Net here in Alabama, reporting ground truth conditions and providing weather updates in real-time. Tempest directly supports our mission of providing better information about severe weather and then sharing that information with those in harm's way

Bruce Jones
Highly Recommend

I would suggest that everyone who owns or operates a business should purchase one of these. In the case of facility or inventory damage due to high winds or flooding rains, getting a proper payout from your insurance company requires you be able to pinpoint with great accuracy exactly when the storm hit your building, and with what strength. Having scientifically verifiable “ground truth”, even on days or times of day when the facility is closed and unattended, can make a huge difference to your business’s bottom line, and your own peace of mind.