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Purchase a Tempest Home Weather Station and become part of a growing community of more than 60,000 Tempest owners. Unlock weather information at your neighborhood level with this powerful microclimate sensor, and view your data in the Carrot app.

$339.00 $305.10

Precise Weather Data and Forecasts

Featured in the Wall Street Journal, Innovation Nation on CBS, Bob Vila, and Wired, the TempestHome Weather System boasts a 5-minute installation, a revolutionary design with no moving parts, nearly zero maintenance, instant online data, and customizable alerts. The result is a guaranteed better forecast for your exact location and real-time weather data capable of informing all of your smart home and garden tech.

$339.00 $305.10

Powerful Smart Home & Lawn Integrations

Trigger your outdoor lights based on the actual brightness of the sky. Enable your thermostat to use the weather conditions outside your home to conserve heating and cooling use. Automate your smart sprinklers or lawnmowers to operate based on rainfall. Get text alerts when lightning is approaching. Save time and money with a home that can optimize itself. Explore IFTTT integrations to inform your smart mower with real-time weather data here>>>

$339.00 $305.10

What our customers say

Doug Cochrane

I bought the Rachio Sprinkler Controller to integrate with my Tempest and cut back on water usage. So far so good!

TechHive Review

This system is ridiculously easy to set up, delivers all the weather information you could wish for, and it’s supremely accurate to boot.

Tim R.

Finally, detailed and accurate information for my local area. No more depending on the weather for the nearest airport.

Help Create A Better Global Forecast

Your Tempest data, along with all our real-time useful information, is part of data sets that are shared with the National Weather Service (NWS-NOAA) and other met agencies across the world, supporting their mission of predicting dangerous weather conditions and warning the public of potential risks.

$339.00 $305.10