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Thomas Cichowicz
My second one… great PWS

Purchased as a hot backup and in a slightly different location.

Performs well. So far as well as my first Sky/Air.

I’m an original charter purchaser.

Sunil Aluri
No more Power Save Modes And No Missed Data

I live in an Apartment with poor ligthing in the patio. So, my Tempest is going to power save mode ( ~2.35V) very often. Power save mode reduced the frequency of data collection. So missed some weather data points. This booster helped to mitigate that and kept battery at a voltage of 2.77V most of the time.

Also it came with a big lengthy wire ( several feets) to reach the Tempest from the patio from outlet. So, I had no issue in routing the wire.

Installation was quick and easy!!!


Fantastic product easy to set up and invaluable.

Bill J.
Fixed the problem

No more missed data due to too many cloudy days depleting the onboard battery. (Happens a lot around here)

Bill H
Multiple power options prevent unexpected downtime

This battery booster is well-designed and offers multiple power options. You can use 2-8 AA batteries (must be in sets of two) and add alternate AC/DC power if desired. Plus, the energy use is intelligent—it uses the Tempest solar panels by default and, if the voltage drops below the optimal range, prioritizes alternate AC (included)/DC power, if available, and then AA batteries to charge the internal battery. Clever!

In my experience, the dark winter days of east Tennessee are too much for the Tempest solar panels, and I hated missing weather data while waiting for the sun to come out. The battery booster has provided months of consistent reporting and is functioning as promised. I don't have AC power at this location, and was only able to get two months out of 8 standard Energizer Max alkaline batteries from February through March, probably due to a few hard freezes. Lithium would likely last longer, and now that the sun is shining longer, I expect this next batch of AAs will last the entire warm season since they won't be charging the Tempest battery as much.

Although I may 3D print an awning to help, the box has done a good job of keeping rainwater out so far.

Overall, I'm very happy with the build quality and performance!