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Steven Haines

Easy to place on sensor. Seems to work.

Michael Foley
Keep the birds away......

Easy to assemble and slip over the head of the Tempest, although you do have to stretch the band a bit. It IS a tight fit, but it works. Everything is in a small bag and keeps the birds from perching on top of your new weater station.

Excellent Results. Should be Included with Purchase as an Option

I am not sure what other owners experience with birds. Where we live (southeast), we have many birds, and we have a feeder, so stopovers upon the weather station were frequent (especially the Eastern Bluebirds). Although I had very few false readings, the top was becoming very soiled, threatening to make the sensors there dysfunctional.

Caution is needed in putting this item on. I suggest going from the bottom up, taking your time. For obvious reasons, the accessory is very tight fitting. Keeping fingers off the wind sensors and not pressing too hard on the top of the bulb was a challenge. I did try going top down, but the rubber ring was just too snug, and I felt I was going to damage the top or break the base off. Thus, you must take the station off its base, turn it off, and work the ring from the bottom. (It may work going from top down with station off its base, but it just didn't feel right for me to do it that way.)

Do pay close attention to the written cautions that come with the ring in regard to the ring's placement. There isn't much room for error once you set it in the proper area. Once on, this item works like a charm. I do highly recommend this accessory if birds are finding a resting place on it.

Worth the small cost for keeping the rain detector clean

Our back yard has several bird feeders. Birds are constantly landing on the polls holding the bird feeders, but they do not land on top of the Tempest. No deification to clean from the top and no false rain alerts. Worth every penny to protect the investment in the Tempest.


Did not deter birds